Embajada en HUNGRÍA

Magyar cirkusz, most és mindörökké

In 1969, my father took me to the Hungarian Grand Circus performances of the Buenos Aires 'Luna Park' into. Then I heard my first Hungary, and six-year-old boy as the "first meeting" was perfect. Of course, later on I saw countless circus performances, but for me the real circus is always bound to Hungary, and always reminds me of the circus acrobats and spectacular moves Gábor Eötvös music clown brilliant presentation. On January 20, it would have been my father's birthday. That went out that day to see Fabrizio is located under the road number 12. Zoo Budapest Circus (www.fnc.hu) presentation. The building design is ideal for the current winter period points corresponding to the heating and the stage every ülőhelyről be excellent to see. The director Joseph Richter, and as usually happens in traditional circuses, several family members also participate in the show. Laszlo Simet tightrope walker of precision and courage of a moment take your breath away, but "seen a lot" viewers also took off his feet. Eotvos Lorand juggling demonstration was dizzying, who happens to be the cousin of the legendary zenebohócnak, who megnevetett 44 years ago. My son, who is no appearance of the animals 'new circus' habit, it was an unforgettable experience to see elephants, horses, camels, and even a bull (or something similar). The "new circus" is not a bad initiative, because it fit the changing world and be born again with him. However, the "classic circus" has charm and innocence arising from the human dimension. This is due to the fact that he does not want to be like beautifully executed moves and artistic encounter exceptional skills in the ring. Of course, this magic with the spontaneity in spite of the technological and generational changes can still attract a huge audience. I think that is still outstanding and untranslated chapter in the long and fascinating history of the circus in the Capital Circus. After the performance pleased we got the car and Fabrizio promised me that he would take his children to the circus performances of Hungary (Budapest, Buenos Aires or anywhere in the world). I strongly feel that his grandfather's birthday celebrated with dignity.


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