Embajada en HUNGRÍA

Normafa. Az erdő varázsa és titokzatossága

If someone is traveling across Europe to the signs, city centers, antennas and land surrounded by freeways, find it difficult to imagine that the "European Cities" is thousands of years ago - there were some land and is surrounded by villages - Bruges, Ghent, Venice and even some cities, except. The rest of the dense forest. As Islam is the reason oasis in the middle of the desert, the reason Christianity clearing in the middle of the forest has grown into.

The rugged and wild forest was excluded and many farmers pantries, when the harvest was not enough, or dominions were not really generous. But nature was generous and was always ready to help those in need, just like at the beginning of humanity. However, the forest is a hidden danger for travelers and pilgrims, but a lot of myths was the birthplace of one. Bears, wolves, thieves lurked unsuspecting travelers dubious paths. The forest, near the castles, abbeys and churches reassuring protection provided by werewolves, witches and rallies were imaginary creatures realm, at least, our ancestors lived in the Middle Ages as a lively imagination.

Today, a special privilege in a city to live like Budapest (Buda mainly) where the forests are still around us. Less than a kilometer from the Normafától live. He was given the name because in 1840 a European-famous Hungarian singer sang in Bellini's opera Norma by nagyáriáját. From then on, Viharbükknek previously called Norma tree called the Tree.

In spring and summer, Norma Wood is like a national park full of hiking with family, kerékpározóval and trailer. As Greenpeace Disneyland. But this autumn the bustle fades and dressed in layers, think and read or converted scene.

But in winter, when the snow falls and the shadows obscure the distance between the Middle Ages and today, the Normafa real changes to forest full of mystery and mysterious imaginary threats. Then we used it to cut the forest Fabrizio, armed with not a few elemózsiával. meditate among the trees froze, sliding on the ice, or when it was almost dark, pretend that we got lost. And the unsettling sound of silence, surrounded allow a remote light and the overpowering smell of hot chocolate lead us home.


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