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Szarajevó a 20. Század elején és végén (Balkáni utazásom I. rész)


Sarajevo is one street in a modest memorial plaque reminds us that 1914 on 28 June this place some Gavrilo Princip deprived life of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which then started the military alliance relationships infernal machinery of, and brought to life in different extreme nationalist tendencies and unresolved conflicts, which weeks later led to the outbreak of the First world war. Thus began the so-called "short 20th century" which the historian Eric Hobsbawm, the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991, was closed. The post-Cold War period "opened" in the Bosnian war, the bloodiest of which was the scene of Sarajevo between 1992 and 1996. Traces of destruction of the buildings of the city and residents of the "European Jerusalem" preserved to this day. The city center mosques, Orthodox churches, Catholic churches and synagogues eloquent testimony to a unique place where the great religions, their beliefs leghumanistább interpretations were found and were able to live together in peace. The Ottoman Empire at Sarajevo given refuge in the Iberian Peninsula expelled Sephardic Jews in the 16th century. Of course, their own ideological counter-terrorism partnership, tolerance against the most ruthless so happened that they were among the very first victims of the Holocaust, Jews in Sarajevo. The local Jewish community, 85% of victims of the terror. Sarajevo painful memories, hospitality and the hope of a mirror that shows the contradictions of Western society and the need for dialogue in order to be able to rise to the top events of the past. Fragile balance of Emperor Franz Joseph and his nephew made ​​the Dayton Peace Agreement (1995) personality is good proof of this fact. The Archduke was critical of the aristocracy because of diehard and considered it necessary to reform the Empire. Rather, tolerance, rather than the severity caught the wrath of extremists. The scene of the assassination a few meters from the museum can see two very modest picture of the murder weapons and issued the Archduke and his wife. Two wooden puppet doll see who the mainstream of history - that is repeatedly squeezed Sarajevo - symbolize the fragility of people defied.


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